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New Year’s Resolutions for the Office

Goals for customer service from Latimer Insurance, Bethesda MDThere seems to always be a desire to start fresh with new goals for improvement – thus our penchant for New Year’s resolutions.  But they are not just for individuals.  They can be very productive for the business office as well – particularly in terms of improving how we serve our customers.  Since it’s not a costly process, there is little reason not to take the time to meet with the staff and set a few new goals.

Read below for five suggestions to get you started. …

Take Customer Service Seriously

If you want your staff to take serving their customers seriously, you’ll first need to show them you consider it a priority. It’s fine to say you give customer service a priority, but all talk and no action won’t succeed.  If you want to know if you are being heard, ask your staff if your actions support your words. They’ll tell you. Once you convey your commitment to customer service as a priority in the business, you’ll see improvement.

Engage Your Customers
If you want a loyal customer base, you’ll need to give your customers what they want. To do that, you’ll need to know what they want; and that is only possible through direct conversation on a regular basis. Find ways to open personal conversations with your customers as a part of your regular business, and then listen when they speak. Taking this approach to customer engagement will let your customers tell you exactly what you need to know to keep them happy.

Maximize People Skills
Outstanding customer service depends upon outstanding people skills. If you determine that your staff’s skills in this area are lacking, then you need to take action. Consider one or more options for people skills training – from formal training sessions, to peer training, to providing online materials, books, and other media for self-paced development. By taking action and following through, you should see a fast improvement

Utilize Your Best Resources
You already know that your staff and your customers are your best resources to allow you to solve problems and take advantage of opportunities that arise. Your staff can tell you what they need to do their best work, and your customers can tell you what you can do for them if you actively listen.  If you continuously engage these resources as you plan and operate your business, your reward will be loyalty and positive growth.

Be Open to Feedback
The information that you glean from customer and employee feedback reflects their experience with you and your business.  It gives you the best, most reliable information on which to plan. If you want to keep feedback alive, you’ll need to structure ways to encourage it and make it easy for both your employees and your customers to keep feeding back. But don’t stop there. You must also convey to them that you value it and then demonstrate that by taking action.  Otherwise, your feedback pipeline will run dry quickly. 

Business Insurance Tip

As a business owner, you already know that having a loyal and trustworthy staff is of utmost importance.  One of your responsibilities is to protect not only your business and its assets but your staff as well.  If you have not done so recently, you will want to sit down with your insurance agent to review your insurance portfolio.  By looking at your business operations together, you can see whether your coverage is comprehensive or whether there are options to consider that will provide more security. 

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