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Holiday Party Safety

Social Hosting Party Advice - Henry A. Latimer & Son Insurance Agency - Bethesda, MDCelebrations for Christmas, New Years and other holiday events are filling our social calendars as we wind down this year. Whether you will be hosting a party or simply attending as a guest, you will want to keep safety in mind and pay attention to your alcohol consumption.

As a Guest

Your own safety and that of others who share the road with you is at risk if you drink and then drive. If you plan to drink, then make plans with another guest who will be your designated driver when the party is over. Remember, the designated driver is one who does not consume alcohol during the event, not the one who simply has had the least to drink.

No designated driver available? Consider calling for car service. In fact, if your party is located in the Greater Washington D.C. area, you can take advantage of SoberRide for Lyft service. Some restrictions apply, so be sure to check out the website for details before you need the service.

As a Party Host

When you plan your holiday party, you’ll want to consider your potential liquor liability. Your plan should include a strategy to limit guests’ imbibing for their safety as well as your own because many states hold party hosts who offer excessive alcohol to their guests responsible for those guests’ subsequent actions behind the wheel. In fact, in those states, anyone injured by a drunk driver could have the right to sue the host of the party who served the alcohol. Sometimes, criminal charges may even apply. Read: “Do You Know Your Host Liquor Liability?” for more information on liability as well as tips on planning a responsible holiday party.  

Home Insurance Tip recommends that if you’re hosting a party, you will likely want to review your homeowners or renters insurance policy since it might offer coverage in the event that damages are sought by someone injured by a party guest. In fact, it is wise to check in advance with your insurance agent to be sure you have all the insurance coverage you will need before you welcome guests to your home for holiday celebrations.

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