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Monday, 18 July 2016 16:57

8 Used Car Buying Tips

lemon used carWe all know about the nightmare of buying a “lemon” – the used car that looks good but has all sorts of hidden defects and problems. First and foremost, you'll need to keep reminding yourself that you must leave your emotions out of this process.  You might fall in love with that fancy sports car that just happens to be within your budget, but you'll need to resist the urge to overlook the flaws and ask yourself why the price is so reasonable. To make a good buying decision, you’ll have to prepare in advance, do your homework and gather information, do an unbiased evaluation of the vehicle you are interested in; and then if you still are interested, be prepared to negotiate the terms of the sale and the cost of the car. There are many good online resources to help you take the intimidation out of used car buying. Using the following tips can make your car shopping a positive experience.

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