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Monday, 15 August 2016 17:14

Social Host Liability

social hosting partyWhen adults gather for a party, quite often alcohol will be served. If you are hosting such a party and serving alcohol, you will want to know about social host liability. This is the legal term for the liability assumed by a person who furnishes liquor to a guest.

Social host liability laws are different from state to state among the 43 states have them on the books. Usually, the law provides an injured party (for example, the victim of a drunk driver) a process by which to sue the person who served the alcohol. Under some of the laws, criminal charges could apply.

Some state laws do not impose any liability on social hosts. Others limit liability to injuries that occur on the host’s premises. Still others extend the host’s liability to injuries that happen anywhere a guest who has consumed alcohol goes.

As a responsible social host, if your guest have been drinking alcohol at your gathering in your home or at another venue, you'll need to act appropriately and responsibly. 

Check out these tips to do that.

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