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How to protect that engagement ring following the Valentine's Day proposalCould this Valentine’s Day be much more romantic than usual for you? It is if the love of your life just proposed marriage and offered up that diamond ring you’ve been dreaming of. We’re happy for you and we wish the best for both of you. We’re sure you’re on cloud nine as you should be. This is a Valentine’s Day you won’t forget. But now that you have the new bling, there are a few pressing responsibilities that need your attention. We know you’re not likely “thinking insurance” just yet, but we are. Why? Because the Insurance Information Institute warns us that the loss of valuable jewelry is one of the most common of all content-related home insurance claims. So we hope you’ll take the following steps to see that your new engagement ring is financially protected in case of theft, damage or theft.

  • Check with your insurance agent as soon as possible. You might need to buy additional coverage depending on the cost of your new ring. According to a 2016 survey of brides and grooms done by The Knot, the average cost of an engagement ring is just under $6000. Although most renters insurance and homeowner insurance policies typically offer some coverage for jewelry and other personal items, it is usually not sufficient to cover an item like an engagement ring.
  • Get copies of the receipt from the ring’s purchase. Keep one for your own records and provide one for your insurer to document the current retail cost of that diamond ring.
  • Arrange for an appraisal. A reputable professional appraisal report is necessary to determine the real value of the piece if yours is a vintage ring, a family heirloom or if it has been custom-designed. As time goes on, the value of items changes, so appraisal reports are only valid for a few years. Then you’ll need a new appraisal to know the real value. If you don’t know a reliable appraiser, your insurance agent should be able to help you find one.

If you have taken the above steps to determine and document the value of that new engagement ring and also to properly insure it, you should be breathing a little easier. Now it’s time to enjoy life with your new fiancé as you both share your news with your friends and family. You’re off on a path of many “firsts” that will change your life as you’ve known it.

Personal Valuables Insurance Tip

Personal Valuables Insurance offers supplemental coverage for loss, theft and damage for many precious items. They include not only jewelry but also expensive artwork, your grandmother’s silverware, fine collectibles, furs, firearms, cameras, and much more. Discuss your valuable belongings with your insurance agent who can then help you decide whether you need increased insurance protection for valuable items.

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